Changing lives through the Good News of Jesus Christ

Jamie & Marion Lee working in Paraguay

Their desire is to be bridge-builders between those who have and have not. They used to run a large Sunday School and Youth Group, offering practical support to individual youngsters and needy families, children’s homes and under-resourced schools. Since moving south they continue to put Jamie’s Bible art into schools and their support for marginalised and vulnerable people is increasing again. Their greatest joy is telling them the good news of Jesus.

Christian International Peace Service

CHIPS is a charity working to bring reconciliation between people in areas of tension in Ghana and Uganda by living with them and encouraging involvement in joint ventures. CHIPS is also working among disaffected youth and street gangs in Brixton, London.

Lighthouse Women’s Aid

Lighthouse is an Ipswich based charity that offers temporary accommodation in safe supportive Refuges where women and their children can recover from the traumatic effects of domestic violence.


Tearfund is a Christian relief and development charity, part of the DEC, and we give periodically to this charity, especially when there is a disaster needing funds.

Nightlight International

We support Paul and Sarah Brown, sent through the Baptist Missionary Society to Nightlight International in Bangkok. They work with a team aiming to improve the lives of those trapped in prostitution, providing employment, repatriating those who have been trafficked and working to tackle the roots of the problem.